The Anxiety Reset Program

Reset Your Anxious Mind In 90 Days.

The only 90-day program for women with high-functioning anxiety that builds your mental resilience: from the thoughts you think, to the health of your gut, your cycles & hormones, your nutritional status, your lifestyle and so much more.

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What is The Anxiety Reset Program?

This is the complete 90-day walkthrough of The Anxiety Reset Method in all the depth and detail. You'll experience the holistic approach I use to guide my clients towards becoming the master of their anxious minds.

We consider high-functioning anxiety from the thoughts you think, to your gut health, the food you eat, your cycles and hormones and lifestyle overall.

Each week, we focus on one aspect of your mindset and your physical health combined using the principles of naturopathy, nutrition, mindset coaching and hypnotherapy, to make consistent, lasting and achievable changes.

This is for you if...


  • High-functioning anxiety is taking over your life
  • You are determined to get to the underlying causes of your anxiety
  • You want to learn to trust life and experience deep self love
  • You're seeking to rewire your anxious mind
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How would you like to...

  • Access more peace, calm and power in your life
  • Feel more presence now and excitement for the future
  • Nourish your body, balance hormones and heal your gut
  • Cultivate your self worth and confidence?
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You've likely already... 


  • Tried everything and are seeking a new, all-encompassing approach
  • Needed more consistency, motivation and a plan
  • Craved real support and inspiration from like-minded women on your journey
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What Others Have Shared...

“I have made more progress in these 90 days than the past 5 years I have been struggling with anxiety.”

Abbey B.

This course is one of the best things I could have done for my anxiety.

Jess S.

“One week in and I already feel like I’ve made more progress than I had with anything else I’ve tried.”

Annabelle M.

New Content Each Week

You'll have access to inspiring weekly video trainings, workbooks, meditations, audio tracks and a support community that won't let you down. The paced weekly content means your inner work will be consistent and sustainable, setting you up for success!

Powerful Weekly Content

Every week there is a new focus on one aspect of your physical wellbeing and one aspect of your mindset and beliefs. You'll watch inspiring and informative training videos, with enlightening exercises to work on through the week. Worksheets and notes are provided to support your understanding.


Rewire Your Mind Audio Training

You'll receive short morning mantra audio tracks to set you up with a fresh mindset at the start of each day. A powerful hypnotherapy healing session will assist you in transforming your inner dialogue and the way you see yourself. You'll also access the Anxiety Reset Hypnosis Audio to integrate new beliefs into your subconscious mind.

The Anxiety Masters Membership

You'll be invited into The Anxiety Masters Membership community where you can connect with women just like you. You'll access 3 months of live coaching calls, workshops and breathwork sessions. This is a place to share resources that have helped you, ask questions and feel safe and supported.


What Others Have Shared...

"The knowledge I’ve gained has been truly worth the investment"

I left the program equipped with a huge range of holistic tools to apply in my life moving forward beyond the 90 day period – from movement, to nutrition tips, to balancing my hormones, to gut health, and more. She encouraged us to create healthy changes, without imposing diet culture or rigid rules. My favourite part of the program was the mindset component, when Georgie shared tangible tips to rewire our subconscious minds and thought patterns to create true, lasting changes for our anxious minds. I loved the guided meditations and listen to them daily. The concept of having a mental health resiliency shield has transformed the way I view my own mind, and has allowed me to have compassion for myself in my life. Even though the program was a financial stretch for me, the knowledge I’ve gained has been truly worth the investment.

Paige J.

"My anxiety has gotten much better again, most days it’s not even there."


I joined this program because I experienced really bad anxiety in 2019… My anxiety has gotten much better again, most days it’s not even there. I love that if I start to feel it I will remember something from the course and put it into practice immediately. I would tell someone who is on the fence about the course to just do it. I love the lifetime access so if anxiety ever rears it’s ugly head I can go back to this & have immediate therapy basically. I also have loved Georgie’s support via the fb group and email.

Anna T.



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What Others Have Shared...

 ...the value of the program is incredible. So much content and beautiful resources. If you are dedicated to it and really ready to put some changes in place - the changes that it could ignite in your life are priceless. It gives you time to think, and to deep dive into things you would find hard to navigate on your own.”

Vick G.

It's hard to put into words the last 90 days and the journey my mind and body has been on. The reset your Anxious Mind in 90 Days program has honestly put a whole new perspective on how I view myself and the world around me. Anxiety has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and it's only after completing this program that my mindset has started to gradually shift and understand that anxiety does not define who I am.

Stephanie H.

"You are one simple, small, step away from conquering your anxious mind and living your life with ease and flow.


The program is life changing and eye opening, it's seriously helped me with the way I live and who I want to become! "

Sarah D.

The Full Program Overview

Here you'll find a more detailed overview of the topics that we cover week by week in the Anxiety Reset Program!

Week One: Tuning In

  • Building Resilience
  • Basic Mental Health Needs
  • Tuning In
  • Movement

Week Two: Understanding Anxiety

  • Changing Beliefs
  • Being Kind To Yourself
  • Become The Loving Parent
  • Stimulants

Week Three: Believing In Change

  • Values
  • Hypnotherapy Healing Session
  • Asking For More
  • Toning The Vagus Nerve

Week Four: Uncovering The Truth

  • Taking Back Control Of Your Mind
  • Examining Your Thoughts
  • Repairing The Gut Lining

Week Five: A New Story

  • What Story Are You Telling?
  • Rewrite Your Story
  • Feed Your Microbiome 

Week Six: Making Miracles

  • Check Point Review
  • Acts Of Service
  • Making Miracles
  • Nutrition For Anxiety

Week Seven: Pleasure

  • The Art Of Pleasure
  • Balancing Hormones
  • Align Your Cycles

Week Eight: A Bright Future

  • Abundant Thinking
  • Nourishing Your Future
  • Making GABA

Week Nine: Nurture With Nature

  • Nurture With Nature
  • Normal Is A Myth
  • Nature's Health Benefits
  • Iron, Oxygen & Anxiety

Week Ten: A Calm Environment

  • What Your Home Says About You
  • People Around You
  • Boundaries & Saying No
  • Are You Methylating?

Week Eleven: Love & Forgiveness

  • Self Love Over Self Doubt
  • Forgiveness
  • Emotional Body Work
  • Processing Emotions

Week Twelve: Choose Your World

  • Trust
  • Choose Your World
  • Sleep
  • What Comes Next?

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